Beech Mountain Playground


Beech Mountain Community Built Playground

Playground Finished

Existing Playground

Existing Playground

Ithaca, New York

Ithaca, New York


Trend in playground construction
Banner Elk, Cannon Memorial Hospital, Green Valley Community Park, Old Cove Creek School, Boone Tot Lot.
Studies show that kids are now getting the majority of their exercise on the playground and not through other recreational activities
Physical and Social Benefits
15 percent of the nations children and adolescents are considered obese, tripling since 1980.
Provide unscripted play, provides challenges, keeping kids playing longer and faster.
New playgrounds are built with strict accordance to all current nationally recognized playground safety standards and guidelines.

Leathers and Associates

- Community Built, Builds Community
- Community involvement is required in all stages
- Community built playgrounds since 1971, 1,700 projects.

- Designs are unique to each community (local history, water play, educational components)
- Provide unscripted play, provides challenges, keeping kids playing longer and faster.

- Recycled plastic composite for major contact areas
- Arsenic free pressure treated lumber or structural plastic for support.
- Save money by using volunteer labor and donated materials
- Built to the industry's latest safety standards
- Meets all American's with Disability Act (ADA) standards.
- Last 25 years.

Playground Committee

Fundraising- One of the most important aspects of a successful project

Public Relations- In addition to creating a buzz throughout the community by newspaper, radio, and television, this team will also be responsible for flyers and poster.

Volunteers- A community built project needs the help of volunteers at every stage.

Childcare Committee- Provides supervision and activities for children during the construction process.

Donated Materials- The most successful donated material coordinators are those who aren’t familiar with construction process and materials and those who are well connected tool experts and are owed a lot of favors.

Food Coordinator- Well-fed volunteers = happy volunteers; One person will take charge of acquiring food and organizing meals for workers during construction

Tool Coordinator- This job involves collecting, distributing, maintaining the tools necessary to construct your playground.

Crellin, Maryland

Crellin, Maryland

Marco Island, Florida

Marco Island, FloridaMarco Island, Florida.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Seeley Lake, Montana

Seeley Lake, Montana.

Moss Beach, California

Moss Beach, California.

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